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Doggies Palace Pet Salon Services for Dogs & Cats

Grooming is a matter of health and hygiene. Our pet salon services will make your pet look extra beautiful. The rate varies according to the pet size, breed and coat condition.Our services are:

Full-Groom Service

This service includes a basic shampoo, De-matting & Dead Hair Removal, blow dry, brushing, hair cutting, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland cleaning.

Flea & Tick / Medicated Bath

This service helps your dog to get rid of pesky fleas. It also ticks in instant-relief spray and medicated flea & tick bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland cleaning. There will be additional haircutting for different price.

Additional Haircutting will be different service and price.

Spa la Carte Services

This service helps your pet look great and feel great. The service includes:

Teeth Brushing: Cleans teeth and freshens breath for a healthy smile.

Face Trim Only: Get your pet an instant groom with this particular service.

Anal Pressing: Keep Keep your pet away from getting their anal glands infected.

Nail Clipping and Piling: A two-step service for a pet healthy toe.

Ear Cleaning: Reduces build-up and helps prevent infection.