The new Fun Club Member with more privileges and benefits will get every year. Also can avail all the services for lifetime at the cost of 3,000.00 AED.

funclubFollowing benefits will receive for being a Fun Club Member.

1. Fun Club Member Rate for lifetime
2. Free Boarding every year
3. Free Daycare every year
4. Free Full Grooming every year
5. 24/7 access for check in and checkout of dog
6. 10% Off for All Pet Shop Accessories except food
7. 20% for All The City Vet Clinic Services
8. 20 % Off for Training Services
9. Exempted to pay refundable security deposit when they request to leave their dogs for Hotel Board and Lodging and/or during Doggies Palace Socialization
10. Will have priority for booking and reservations on all Doggies Palace services
11. Every quarter FCM will receive a Voucher or Free Services as for appreciation
12. Membership Gift Bag
13. Gold Member Card, Certificate, Dog ID Tag