Doggies Palace Dog Training School

Our aim is to educate people in United Arab Emirates on how to take care and train their four legs companion. Doggies Palace Dogs School will help all the pet owners and their pets fulfill all the required training needs such as basic obedience training, advance training, socialization, rehabilitation, and to educate the dog owners how to handle their dogs in and out of their house. Pricing varies depending on your pet’s size, behavior and temperament.


House Breaking Training

Pre-potty pattern, Play Pen Training (Absorbing Pad or News Paper), Re-programming of the stomach, Proper timing for their business (pee and poo).

Basic Obedience Training

With Basic Obedience Training you will build a strong owner and dog relationship base on trust & mutual respect. You will have confidence and control of your dogs in any situation, happy, outgoing dogs that are properly socialized and work with natural drives and instincts.

Advance Training

Following precision sport where you and your dog perform a standard series of exercises that reflect the level of training & partnership between you and your dog have achieved.

Drive & Focus Training

Foundation and competition work for Dog Sports, Agility Training and Obedience Training. It will release energy and teach game for your dogs like; Ball Drive, Prey Drive and Bait Drive.