Professional Team Members who is a ONE-STOP-SHOP that offers a wide variety of services and packages to fit every pet’s needs. Choose from any Doggies Palace services for your pet’s needs and benefit from:

  • are safety-certified and trained in all areas of care.
  • Flexible appointment times.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.

Safety standards that are set as our number one priority.

Why choose the Doggies Palace?

They say that the best asset a company can have is its staff. This rings very true at Doggies Palace. Our dog trainers are ardent in their work which is reflected in the high standards achieved by dog owners and of course, their dogs.

Unlike many so-called dog trainers of today who claim they are behaviourists after doing a short course in dog training, Doggies Palace dog trainers are all experienced hands-on trainers. Furthermore, they have a minimum of 5 years in the industry and have trained their own dogs to Advanced and Competition levels. This criterion underpins the quality of training our customers receive. As a customer you can be assured of a qualified industry expert teaching you to understand and train your four legged pal.

about-usThere are many other reasons why dog owners choose Doggies Palace. As a dog owner if you are looking for a program that is structured, provides clear learning outcomes at each session and small learning group, our school is suited to your needs. Training in small groups ensures all participants receive personalized attention and assistance with their dogs and dog problems. Doggies Palace is so confident with its service it guarantees all its programs.

Recognizing the need for a gentle method of obedience training based upon developing the dog’s innate and willing recognition of its owner as its leader, much the same as it would do naturally in a pack, the Doggies Palace method of dog obedience training does not rely on the more common  “punishment” system of training. Instead, by instilling in each animal the respect for its owner as being the dog’s leader combined with the owner’s love and praise for correct behavior, the dogs willingly and lovingly obey without being physically abused. We refer to this method as “Canine Communication” since the owner is actually communicating with the animal in a manner easily recognized by the dog. The dog instantly recognizes the communication and reacts in an appropriate manner.

Training Methods

Training methods are as many and varied as there are trainers.  Many trainers believe that their way is the ONLY way.  We believe that each trainer may offer something, but to think that there is only one way to train a dog is not quite right.  A house or a building is not built using just one tool.  There are many different tools to use in the construction of a house to finish many different parts.  We believe that we should use the right tool for the job at hand. All dogs and handlers are not created equally and are not the same when they show up for training.  We tailor our methods to fit both the handler and the dog.

about21We once heard a trainer say that there is no such thing as positive training, because the dog doesn’t really want to do it in the first place.  We are trying to get the dog to do whatever it is we want them to do and when we want it done, not necessarily when they want it done.  We agree with that.  We don’t believe that we have to be unnecessarily harsh with a dog to get them to comply with our commands, but we do believe we have to be firm, clear and consistent with our canine pupil.  For instance, it can’t be OK for the dog to get up on the bed with me today and then when my girl comes in the dog is then banished from the bed.  The dog does not understand that and the situation will undoubtedly foster jealousy between the dog and my girl, right?  We cannot train a dog with aggression without having some kind of immediate negative consequence to deter the dog from performing the undesired behavior on its own at the next opportune moment. All of this, however, must be appropriately and fairly administered in a way that will give you the results you desire and still finish with a well-adjusted, controllable, and more socially-confident canine.

To answer the often-asked question of what our training methods are (are they positive? do I use negative reinforcement? do we use a pinch collar? Electronic collar? clicker?).   The answer to all the above is – Yes!   It depends.  Every dog and handler is different, beliefs are different, and people personalities and dog personalities are different.  Indeed, every situation is different and is assessed from the outset and monitored throughout your training experience. Always remember it is not the tool, but how it is used.  Used properly and with instruction from a professional handler, the right tool can work wonders and have great results.  Remember, we can use microwave technology to cook our food or kill a man.  It is not the technology, but how it is used.  That applies equally to all of the tools mentioned in this paragraph.   Training is, for us, a very individual thing – the means, approaches, and tools vary with every handler and dog team.

about31We very clear that what we are doing as a trainer is training the handler more so than the dog.  We know we must tailor our methods to your individual style of learning in order to have you accept and use the lessons as your own. We believe in plenty of praise for the dog, so I praise you also for your efforts and progress.  We’re here to help you – not degrade you – and we definitely believe the training experience should be fun. So, as we often do, we invite you to come by and watch a class, talk freely to our trainers in school about their experiences, and find out how much you can learn and how much fun you can have.

The results obtained utilizing the Doggies Palace method are virtually immediate as opposed to the characteristically slow progress demonstrated by most animals enrolled in more traditional training environments. Immediate results eliminate the frustration often felt by owners and animals alike during the early stages of training, making the entire experience enjoyable by both.

Dogs like people are diverse in character. What works for one dog may not necessarily work for another.

“Training can be a productive and enjoyable experience for every dog using the Doggies Palace training method.” In Doggies Palace we believe that “Dog is for Life – Not just Lifestyle”.